Metal street names (ca 1905) (4KB)
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Old Mosaics (ca 1905) (8KB)
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New Mosaics (1995 & later) (8KB)
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The Ballard Street Name Mosaic Preservation Project is a planning effort to preserve and protect the new and old mosaic and metal street names embedded in concrete sidewalks in Seattle’s Balard Neighborhood. This project is supported by a 2015 4Culture Preservation Special Projects Grant, funded by the King County Lodging Tax.

  1. Preservation Guidance - Develop requirements for permit applicants & reviewers at Seattle Department of Transportaion (SDOT) and Department of Construction and Inspections (SDCI) and others engaged in projects which might damage or otherwise impact the mosaics and metal text.

  2. Mosaic History - Examine City of Ballard records and other sources to determine when, why, who, etc for each mosaic and metal text street name.

  3. Survey - Collect location and condition information for each embedded street name. Record in GIS, Photos, etc.

  4. Publish - Disseminate project findings via digital ,paper, web, public speaking, engagement with City officials and other formats as available.

Ballard Street Name Mosaics

Preservation Project Documents

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19 May, 2017

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Preservation Guidance
December 2016
10.4 Mb pdf downloadBallardTiles_Preserv2_files/Preservation%20Guidance12%3A16_1.pdf
History Appendix
December 2016
4.2 Mb pdf downloadBallardTiles_Preserv2_files/History%20Appendix_1.pdf

Project GIS files

Map - Mosaic & Metal Text Locations
December 2016
3.5 Mb pdf downloadBallardTiles_Preserv2_files/Allv2_1.pdf
Map - Preservation sites
December 2016
3.5 Mb pdf downloadBallardTiles_Preserv2_files/Preservationv2_1.pdf

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